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We are a greater Houston metropolitan area digital media company founded in 2015. Primarily, our business model centers on our domain names and consultancy services.

Domain Names

Our domain holdings feature a key word rich portfolio for the energy, real estate, transportation, food, crypto currency, medical & technology sectors.


Our expertise is perfect for businesses needing stealth acquisition of a domain name asset. Your ability to remain an undisclosed principal could mean the difference of tens of thousands of dollars.

Lee Hale has been a domain investor for the past twenty years.

Lee Hale founded Java Media in 2015 to consult new and existing businesses on the importance of their online identity using domain names. Contact him today to begin your journey to a better brand for today’s digital age.

The right domain name is necessary for a company wishing to reach their target audience today. It must be brand-able and clearly demonstrate a mastery of the key words within the company’s perspective industry. This goes for any business, from real estate firms to the offshore oil and gas industry. In today’s digital world, a company must be digital to the core.

Lee Hale, JD

FOunder & CEO


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